Championship Celebration

St. Jarlath’s GFC, North-American Champions, will be hosting a celebration at Plank Road Tavern in Lakewood, Ohio on January 11th.

Results from Finals: St. Jarlaths 1-18 St. Pat’s 2-11.

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Pilot Podcast w/ Pat Campbell

PJsPJ McIntyre’s owner Pat Campbell sat down with Séamus O Cadhain to discuss ”Erin Og,” which translates to Young Ireland. PJs is located in Kamm’s Corner in Westpark, Ohio and will host the events associated with the 2013 GAA Finals. This podcast is a rough copy and the audio technician was unavailable, so stay tuned for an updated version that included Irish dancing, the Cleveland community, and much more. Live music this weekend at PJ’s!

Gathering of the Irish Americans

This year in Ireland, people from around the globe will gather for events around the idea of bringing people back home. Unfortunately, there are millions who will not be able to make it. Instead of regretting our inability to travel to Ireland this year, let’s have our own Gathering. We need to do this before St. Patrick’s Day. We need to do this before the Labor Day GAA Finals, which are being held in North Olmsted this year. In 1982 and 1989, Cleveland held the GAA Finals, in which Jarlath’s made it to the semi-finals in ’82 and the finals in ’89. Sean Gannon of St. Pats GFC led the organization of the games. Gannon was the chairman of the North American GAA for a number of years.

We need to come together before it’s too late. Our Irish Community in Cleveland is fragmented at best. Let’s talk over a pint at our own events we’ll be having these next few months. There’s so much we should be doing together. How can we expect teams from around the country to save money for a trip to Cleveland when we can’t even come together ourselves?ajar3

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All Irish groups in Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Erie, and other Midwest towns are invited to comment. We all need to work together or else we’ll miss out on an amazing opportunity.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, young people organized with Pete Kelly to form a minor league Gaelic football team called Erin Og.  ”Erin Og” translates to Young Ireland.

Pre-season 2013

Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming 2013 season. Jarlath’s is looking for new talent to recruit into championship team.